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Courses Offered

Secondary Courses

• Class 5 (CBSE Syllabus)

• Class 6 (CBSE Syllabus)

• Class 7 (CBSE Syllabus)

• Class 8 (CBSE Syllabus)

• Class 9 (CBSE Syllabus)

• Class 10 (CBSE Syllabus)

Engineering Courses (Coming soon!)

• Electrical

• Electronics

• Computer Science

• Information Technology

Miscellaneous Courses (Coming soon!)

• Marine Electrotechnology

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All our courses are curated with utmost care and we have made sure that each topic is explained with an easy-to-understand language and audio-visuals. 😍

Our learning system ensures two-way communication between the students and tutor with multiple tests, assignments, and homework carefully designed with a holistic approach.😊

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